How will consumers know which titles are compatible with Oculus?


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  • Holden Jorge

    Oculus Store: The primary source for finding compatible titles is the official Oculus Store. Oculus maintains a dedicated store for VR content where users can browse, search, and purchase VR games and apps specifically designed for Oculus devices. The store includes sections for Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest titles, making it easy to find content that works with your specific headset.
    Oculus App: The Oculus app on your smartphone (available for iOS and Android) provides a convenient way to browse and purchase VR titles. You can also use it to remotely install games and apps on your Oculus headset.
    Oculus Website: The Oculus website allows you to browse and purchase VR content from a web browser. You can filter and search for compatible titles based on your Oculus device.
    User Reviews and Ratings: When browsing titles on the Oculus Store or website, you can often find user reviews and ratings that provide insights into the compatibility and performance of specific games and apps on different Oculus headsets. Reading reviews can help you gauge whether a title is worth trying on your particular device.
    Developer Information: Oculus often provides information for developers to ensure their titles are compatible with different Oculus headsets. Developers may specify which Oculus devices their titles support, making it clear for consumers.
    VR Communities and Forums: Virtual reality communities and forums, such as the Oculus subreddit and official Oculus forums, are excellent places to seek recommendations and advice from other Oculus users. You can ask questions about compatibility and get feedback from the VR community.
    Third-Party Websites and Reviews: VR-focused websites and YouTube channels often review Oculus-compatible titles and provide information on their performance and compatibility with different headsets. These sources can be valuable for discovering new content.

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