Where can I add more PC VR titles to my VIVE Focus Plus headset?



  • arhums jerrod
    1. Explore the VIVEPORT Store: Once signed in, you can browse the VIVEPORT Store to discover PC VR titles. The VIVEPORT Store offers a wide range of VR games, applications, and experiences.

    2. Purchase or Subscribe: Choose the VR titles you are interested in and proceed to purchase them or subscribe to a VIVEPORT Infinity subscription, which provides access to a library of VR content for a monthly fee.

    3. Install VIVEPORT VR Software: To play PC VR titles on your VIVE Focus Plus headset, you need to install the VIVEPORT VR software on your PC. This software allows your headset to connect to your PC and stream the VR content.

    4. Connect VIVE Focus Plus to PC: Connect your VIVE Focus Plus headset to your PC using a USB cable. Ensure that the headset is in Developer Mode, and you have enabled USB debugging in the headset settings.

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  • Jake Lawson

    You can utilize the PC VR streaming feature. Install the VIVEPORT Streaming Software on your PC and connect your headset via USB. Enable PC VR streaming through the software and ensure compatible VR platforms like SteamVR are installed on your PC. With this setup, you can access and play PC VR titles on your headset, though the experience quality may depend on your PC's power and network stability. 

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