What will happen if I reboot the VIVEPORT Desktop App while streaming?



  • Amelia45
    1. Temporary Interruption: When you reboot the VIVEPORT Desktop App, the streaming connection may be temporarily interrupted. This interruption can cause the streaming session to pause, and you may need to reconnect or resume the stream once the app has finished rebooting website.

    2. Loss of Progress or Data: Depending on the streaming platform or game you are using, rebooting the VIVEPORT Desktop App might result in the loss of any unsaved progress or data. Make sure to save your progress before rebooting to avoid potential data loss.

    3. Reconnection Required: After rebooting the app, you may need to reconnect or relaunch the streaming session. This could involve reopening the game or streaming platform, re-establishing the streaming connection, and potentially signing back in if required.

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  • Adward

    Rebooting the VIVEPORT Desktop App while streaming VR content to your HTC VIVE Focus Plus or other compatible VR headsets could have various outcomes depending on the specific setup and streaming method you are using. Below are some possible scenarios:

    1. Streaming Interruption: Rebooting the VIVEPORT Desktop App will likely interrupt the streaming process. The VR content being streamed from your PC will likely stop, and the VR headset may return to its home or default environment.

    2. Connection Loss: The reboot of the VIVEPORT Desktop App might cause a temporary loss of connection between your PC and the VR headset. This could result in a black screen or an error message on the VR headset.

    3. App Relaunch: After rebooting the VIVEPORT Desktop App, you may need to relaunch the VR streaming application for you were using (e.g., ALVR, Virtual Desktop) to resume streaming.

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