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  • Jonathan Stephen

    Wow am I literally the 1st person to post a comment!? or am I in the wrong place to discuss?

    OK. ViveSync meeting: really good 1st effort, enjoyed it and will look to implement.


    1) complexity of login and joining meetings (yes I can see its an attempt at simplicity visually) - suggest a 'quick join' meeting setup option (appreciate depleted security)

    2) As (1) integration with MS Teams perhaps, or, I have a Zoom (cough) button in Office365/Outlook

    3) Public Meeting spaces. With Topics. Group chat rather than Presenter focused. Perhaps with simpler "quick join" (depleted security warning).


    Great potential, but HTC/Vive 'security/login' environment seems disconnected and cumbersome, for example despite having my HTC/Vive account setup for VivePort I had to create an account for ViveSync and AGAIN for Vive/Support... quite bizarre that I spent more time dealing with accounts and logins than exploring the product.

    Appreciate ViveSync is destination Corporate/Enterprise, but ease of use and an initial broader appeal will draw in users who will in turn deploy/support use in their companies. This is a well trodden path (think Skype to Teams or free Gmail to paid for services).

    I would love to be able to meet my kids/friends in a simpler, safe, less crazy (think ChatVR) environment. To which you will reply "use Viveport" and again this is the complexity problem with VR... Do I try to get my remote 10 year old on her Oculus Quest to install SteamVR, Viveport and so on. Strikes me everyone's trying to do the same thing and be the "gateway" un-yet everything on the these gateways feels complex and disconnected, particularly for a 10 year old on the end of a phone. 

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